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Karen and Philippa are two forty-somethings who, after 20 years of friendship, still aren’t sick of talking to each other. Our years of life experience may not have made us experts at anything, but they’ve given us plenty of material, especially when it comes to relationships—the most important things we humans can have. (Wine is a close second.) So listen in as we talk about friendship, dating, marriage, divorce, and all sorts of other relationship stuff that’s universal, yet darned near impossible to figure out.

“It’s a breath of fresh, feminist, friend-celebrating air in a mediascape that too often reinforces traditional gender and dating norms.” – 730 DC

Ranked one of D.C.’s 11 Best Podcasts For Locals, By Locals That You Should Be Listening To. – dcist


Karen’s “why not?” approach to life has served her well, except for that one little marriage oopsie.  She spends her working hours lawyering and ought to spend her free time making up for that with acts of charity and other noble stuff but instead fritters it away writing, trying to date, and writing about trying to date.

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Philippa fled the legal profession to create the Pink Line Project to inspire creative thinking, build community and connectivity, and open portals to art and culture for the culturally curious. She became the go-to person for creating inventive and collaborative environments in which people who would not normally have the opportunity to interact with each other gather to experience art and culture in alternative and stimulating ways. She writes and speaks on finding the power to transform our lives.

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